ADOLPHE LALAUZE (French / 1838-1906)

The etcher Adolphe Lalauze was born in Rive-de-Gier (Loire), and died in Milly-la-Forêt (Essonne). After a period as a civil servant in Toulouse, Lalauze attended the École des Beaux-arts there, before going to Paris to study under Léon Gaucherel. It was Gaucherel who encouraged Lalauze to take up etching. Adolphe Lalauze made his debut at the Salon de Paris in 1872, winning medals in 1876 and 1878, as well as a bronze medal at the 1889 Exposition Universelle. He was made a Chevalier of the Légion d'honneur. Many of Adolphe Lalauze's original etchings were published by Cadart. Lalauze was renowned for his etchings of children, for which he used his own children as models. One of these, his son Alphonse Lalauze, was also to become an artist. For interpretative etchings by Adolphe Lalauze after artists such as Codde, Decamps, Gonzalez, Green, Gros, Huet, Prud'hon, Teniers, Tiepolo, and Velazquez, please enter Lalauze into Simple Search.

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Selected prints by ADOLPHE LALAUZE

Female performer, 1874
Het Éves Vagyok, c.1870s
La balançoire, c.1870s

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