LOUIS DELFOSSE (French / 1863-?)

Louis Marie Lucien Delfosse, who signed himself L. B. Delfosse was one of the rare students of the Belgian Symbolist Félicien Rops, who taught him etching and drypoint. Delfosse studied painting under Fernand Cormon at the Beaux-Arts, Paris, but it is as a printmaker that he is principally remembered. Although born in Bayonne in the Basse-Pyrénées, Delfosse fell in love with Brittany, and identified himself completely as a Breton - it may be that the mysterious initial B in his signature signifies Breton or Bretagne. The influence of Paul Gauguin and the School of Pont Aven looms large in our original lithograph by Louis Delfosse, depicting Breton women in traditional dress returning from market. There was a retrospective of works by Delfosse at the Salon des Indépendants in 1926, suggesting that he may have died in 1925.

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Sur le quai,
Belle-Isle-en-Mer, 1908
Le retour du marché, 1903

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