THOMAS SIDNEY MORAN (American / 1837-1926)

A major figure of American art, Thomas Sidney Moran was born in Bolton, England, but emigrated with his family to the USA in 1844, eventually settling in Crescentville, Pennsylvania. The young Thomas showed a talent for drawing, and was apprenticed to a Philadelphia wood-engraving firm, Scattergood and Telfer, from 1853-55, during which time Thomas learned to paint in oils and watercolour under the tutelage of his elder brother Edward Moran. In 1862 Edward and Thomas travelled to England, where their encounter with the art of Turner had a profound effect on Thomas Moran's artistic formation. Thomas Moran was elected an Academician of the National Academy of Design in 1884. Moran made his first etching in 1856, but did not take it up seriously until 1878. As soon as he had mastered the art he taught it to his wife, the artist Mary Nimmo Moran, and the pair became the brightest stars of the American etching revival. Thomas Moran was a member of the New York Etching Club and the Society of American Etchers. He made around 100 etchings, which are now highly sought-after. Thomas Moran is possibly the only artist to have had a mountain named after him, Mount Moran in Wyoming. His brother Peter Moran was also a notable etcher.

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The Sounding Sea, 1880
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