SAMUEL COLMAN (American / 1832-1920)

Samuel Colman was born in Portland, Maine. Colman studied under Asher Brown Durand, and was part of the Hudson River School. Colman travelled to Europe in 1860; on his return he shared a studio with Gifford, Huntingdon, and Mount. Samuel Colman was one of the first artists to paint the American West, travelling to Yosemite on the transcontinental railway in 1868; in the 1880s, he settled in California. Although he had made some etchings in the late 1860s, Samuel Colman only took up etching with real enthusiasm following the establishment of the New York Etching Club in 1877. Etching formed an important part of Colman's oeuvre for the following two decades, during which he established a reputation as one the American masters of the medium.

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Selected prints by SAMUEL COLMAN

Durham, England, 1880
The Bay of Amalfi, 1882
The Belfry of Bruges, 1882

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