PAUL-ADRIEN BOUROUX (French / 1878-1967)

Paul-Adrien Bouroux was born in Mézières in the Ardennes. Although enthused by drawing from early childhood, Bouroux started a career in the Civil Service. It was only when doing his military service in Rouen that fellow-conscripts introduced him to their teacher at the Beaux-Arts, Paris, Luc-Olivier Merson, who offered him informal advice. Back in the civilian world, Bouroux made friends with Victor Focillon, who taught him the art of etching. Bouroux exhibited his first etching with the Société des Artistes Français in 1905, and the following year gave up his job as a tax collector to devote himself to etching. He travelled across Europe etching landscapes and cityscapes. Bouroux served at the front in WWI, collecting his sketches and etchings of the war under the title Au front d'Alsace. After the war he continued his travels, and began to concentrate on producing etchings for limited edition fine press books. Together with the bibliophile Henri Vever and the etchers Charles Jouas and André Dauchez, Bouroux founded the Société de Saint Eloy to publish such works. He received the Légion d;Honneur in 1936. From the early 1950s Bouroux's eyesight began to fail, and at the end of his life he often received assistance from his friend and neighbour Maurice Achener in finishing his plates. Paul-Adrien Bouroux is remembered particularly for his meticulous etchings of cities and landscapes, such as our series of etchings of Assisi and its surroundings.

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Selected prints by PAUL-ADRIEN BOUROUX

Assise: le Couvent
de Saint-François et
le pont San
Vittorino, 1926
Le Pont de la Tour à
Londres, 1910
Le temple de Minerve, 1926

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