CARL LARSSON (Swedish / 1855-1919)

One of the greatest of all Swedish artists, Carl Olof Larsson was born to a poor family in Stockholm. At the age of 13 he entered the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts. Like many other young Scandinavian artists, Carl Larsson travelled to France, then the centre of modern art, and gravitated to the Scandinavian art colony at Grez-sur-Loing. There he met his future wife, the artist Karin Bergöo. Carl Larsson is now best remembered for the watercolours he painted of their home and family life in Sundborn; these, by recording and popularising Karin Larsson's radical stripped-down decorative schemes, created what we now think of as Scandinavian style. Carl Larsson's oil paintings have not retained the fresh appeal of his watercolours, or of his rare etchings.

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Selected prints by CARL LARSSON

Karin och Kersti, 1904
(Guardian Angel), 1898
Empire: Dansös vid
göteborgs Teater, 1891

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