ALBERT BELLEROCHE (French / 1864-1944)

The painter and lithographer Albert Belleroche was born in Swansea, Wales. He was the son of the Marquis de Belleroche, and could have styled himself Count Albert de Belleroche. But like Toulouse-Lautrec, whose model Lili Belleroche poached, Albert Belleroche rejected his artistocratic background in favour of the Bohemian milieu of Montmartre. Belleroche's studio was opposite the Moulin Rouge. Belleroche studied in the atelier of Carolus Duran, where he met his close friend John Singer Sargent, whom Belleroche would later instruct in lithography. Two of Sargent's lithographs are portraits of Albert Belleroche. Another close friend was Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, whose portrait Belleroche painted in 1882. Albert Belleroche exhibited with the Salon de la Société des Beaux-Arts from 1887, and also with the Salons des Artistes Français, d'Automne (of which he was the only British founder member), and des Indépendants. The lithographs of Albert Belleroche - female heads, landscapes, and still lives - were exhibited in Vienna in 1902-1903 and in London in 1906. There was an important retrospective of Belleroche lithographs at the San Diego Museum of Art in 2001. His friend Frank Brangwyn wrote of Belleroche that "As a lithographic artist he stands alone. No modern can touch him etiher in his knowledge or in the quality to be gotten out of the stone. No one else has succeeded in making lithography the rival of painting." There are extensive collections of Belleroche lithographs in the British Musuem, the Bibliothèque Nationale, and the Bibliothèque Royale, Brussels.

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Étude, 1904
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Étude, 1908
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