LEON LHERMITTE (French / 1844-1925)

Léon-Augustin Lhermitte arrived in Paris in 1863 to study under Lecoq de Boisbaudran and learn his technique of "drawing from memory". Lhermitte was a painter of the countryside and rural scenes, and also an etcher of some note. Vincent Van Gogh admired Lhermitte immensely, and often refers to Lhermitte's work in his letters. For instance in a letter to Theo Van Gogh in July 1885 Vincent mentions Lhermitte by name no fewer than 8 times, ranking him among "the great": "to my mind, Millet and Lhermitte are the true artists, because they do not paint things as they are, examined in a dry analytical manner, but as they, Millet, Lhermitte, Michelangelo, feel them to be." See Henriet, Le Peintre Léon Lhermitte et son oeuvre gravé, and Henriet, Les Eaux-fortes de Léon Lhermitte.

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Selected prints by LEON LHERMITTE

Épicerie de village, 1880
Le lutrin, 1873
La Veillée (Evening), 1873

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