LOUIS JEAN CHARBONNEL (French / 1845-1885)

Louis Jean Charbonnel was born in Bélinais (Cantal). Charbonnel studied under Léon Cogniet, Gérôme, and Carolus Duran. He experienced early success, exhibiting at the Salon de Paris between 1868-1882. The art of Louis Jean Charbonnel was influenced by that of Gustave Courbet. He died young, three years after ceasing to exhibit; the cause of death, according to family sources, was "chagrin", possibly connected with disappointments in his artistic career.

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Selected prints by LOUIS JEAN CHARBONNEL

La Cigale, 1873
L'enfant au
perroquet (Child
with a parrot), 1873
Etching •SOLD
La Baigneuse, 1873
Etching •SOLD

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