GERTRUDE HERMES (British / 1901-1983)

Of Anglo-German parentage, Gertrude Hermes was born in Bromley, Kent. She studied at the Beckenham School of Art, and learned wood engraving at the Leon Underwood School, where she met Blair Hughes-Stanton, to whom she was married from 1926-32. Gertrude Hermes won the Prix de Rome in 1925. In 1928 Hermes and Hughes-Stanton collaborated on the Cresset Press edition of Pilgrim's Progress, which remains a high point of both of their work. From 1945 Gertrude Hermes taught wood engraving at Camberwell and St. Martin's, teaching many of the next generation of British wood engravers, including John Lawrence. See: Russell, The Wood Engravings of Gertrude Hermes.

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