BLAIR HUGHES-STANTON (British / 1902-1981)

Blair Rowlands Hughes-Stanton was the son of the painter Sir Herbert Hughes-Stanton. Blair Hughes-Stanton studied at the Byam Shaw School and the Royal Academy, and learned wood engraving under Leon Underwood. One of the most technically-skilled and inventive of all 20th-century wood-engravers, Blair Hughes-Stanton was closely involved with various private presses, and in the 1930s was director of the Gregynog Press. His first wife Gertrude Hermes was also an important wood engraver; his second wife was the poet Ida Affleck Graves. Blair Hughes-Stanton taught engraving at Colchester School of Art, St. Martin's School of Art, and the Central School of Arts and Crafts, thus exercising a great influence over the development of wood-engraving in Britain. His own wood-engravings date mostly from the 1920s and 30s, and show the influence of Ice Age cave paintings in their imagery, before becoming abstract. Blair Hughes-Stanton was badly injured in WWII, which prevented him from making further engravings, though he still taught, drew, and made linocuts. See: Penelope Hughes-Stanton, The Wood-Engravings of Blair Hughes-Stanton, 1991.

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Selected prints by BLAIR HUGHES-STANTON

Holy silence, 1933
Wood engraving
The Triumph, 1933
Wood engraving
In the hands of the
unknown god, 1933
Wood engraving

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