ANNA-EVA BERGMAN (Norwegian / 1909-1987)

The Abstract Expressionist painter and graphic artist Anna-Eva Bergman was born in Stockholm in 1909. While in Paris studying with André Lhote in 1929, she met and married the German artist Hans Hartung, but separated soon after. However Bergman and Hartung reunited in in 1952, and re-married in 1957. They lived in the south of France, and Anna-Eva Bergman died in Grasse in 1987. There was a retrospective of the art of Ann-Eva Bergman in 1977-1978 at the Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, and in 2016 the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Oslo staged an exhibition of her prints. There is now a joint Fondation Hartung Bergman which represents and promotes the work of both Anna-Eva Bergman and Hans Hartung.

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Selected prints by ANNA-EVA BERGMAN

Untitled composition, 1970

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