VOJTECH CINYBULK (Czech / 1915-1994)

Vojtĕch Cinybulk was born in Prague in 1915. He studied art under Jaroslav Sváb. From 1952-1969 Cinybulk worked as an assistant professor in the puppetry department of AMU, the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague; he was closely involved with the productions of the Central Puppet Theatre in Prague. Puppetry has always been highly regarded as an art form in the Czech Republic. As a graphic artist Vojtĕch Cinybulk is known especially for exlibris bookplates, mostly but not exclusively woodcuts and wood engravings. He died in Prague in 1994.

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Selected prints by VOJTECH CINYBULK

Ex libris Klaus
Rödel, 1971
Wood engraving

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