FELIX HENRY EAMES (British / 1892-1971)

The woodcut artist and watercolourist Felix Henry Eames was born in Matlock, Derbyshire, on 10 February 1892. Originally an engineering clerk in Loughborough, Eames studied at Loughborough School of Art, Leicester School of Art, and Liverpool School of Art, and had work exhibited at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool. After WWI Felix Henry Eames lived and worked in France, where he met his first wife Josephine, a doctor with the Society of Friends; Eames himself became a Quaker in 1923. From the Breton subject-matter and Post-Impressionist style of our sole example of his work, it seems likely he was among the artists attracted to Pont-Aven in these years (for instance William Scott, a few years later). Although he continued working right up to his death in 1971, the art of Felix Henry Eames fell into obscurity after his peak years in the 1920s. In the years around 1930, Eames contributed woodcuts to literary and artistic journals of the day such as The Town Crier and The London Mercury. Felix Henry Eames died in 1971 in West Chiltington, Pulborough, West Sussex.

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A Breton Déjeuner, 1930
Wood engraving •SOLD

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