EMIL BIZER (German / 1881-1957)

Emil Bizer was born in Pforzheim in 1881. From 1900 Bizer studied in Paris and London. From 1904-1910 he studied under the wood engraver Rudolf Treumann in Karlsruhe. In 1920 he became president of the Karlsruher Radierervereins. In Emil Bizer's wood engravings were seized by the Nazis and condemned as "entartet": degenerate art. In 1946 he was involved in re-founding the Badischen Secession. From 1949 Emil Bizer was professor of landscape painting at the Kunstakademie Freiburg. Emil Bizer died in Badenweiler in 1957. See: Hans H. Hofstätter, Emil Bizer, 1997.

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