JOSEPH FOXCROFT COLE (American / 1837-1892)

Joseph Foxcroft Cole (often known as J. Foxcroft Cole) was born in Jay, Maine, in 1837. After being apprenticed alongside Winslow Homer in the lithographic shop of J. G. Bufford in Boston, Cole went to France to continue his studies. In 1865 he studied in the atelier of the Barbizon artist Charles Jacque, where he frequently met others of the plein-air Barbizon School, including Corot, Troyon, Diaz, and Daubigny. In the 1870s J. Foxcroft Cole was effectively an American member of the Barbizon School, but in 1877 he settled in Winchester, Massachusetts, where he died in 1892. Joseph Foxcroft Cole is known for his landscapes, and especially for landscapes with cows or sheep.

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