ANGELO BOZZOLA (Italian / 1921-2010)

Angelo Bozzola was born in Galliate in 1921. In 1954 he joined the abstract art group MAC, Movimente Arte Concreta, becoming one its leading figures, and a member of the executive committee of MAC/Espace alongside Monnet, Dorfles, Varisco, Regina, Munari, Colombo, Veronesi. The death of Monnet in 1958 brought MAC to an end. La Fondazione Angelo Bozzola was founded in 1997 and the associated Museo Angelo Bozzola in the Castello di Galliate opened in 1998.

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Selected prints by ANGELO BOZZOLA

Untitled composition
iii, 1958
Untitled composition
ii, 1955-56
Untitled composition, 1955-56
Linocut •SOLD

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