REGINA (Italian / 1894)

The sculptor Regina Cassolo Bracchi, who worked simply as Regina, was born in Mede, and studied at the Brera Academy. She studied sculpture under Giovanni Battista Alloati. A member of the Futurists from 1933, Regina was also a member of the post-war abstract group MAC, Movimento Arte Concreta, which flourished from 1948-1958. After the disbanding of MAC, Regina continued to work in a Futurist style. Regina died in Milan in 1974. The Museo Regina in the Castle of Mede contains more than 500 works left by her husband the artist Luigi Bracchi. A 1991 monograph on her work by Luciano Caramel is now very hard to find. In 2010 the Fondazione Ambrosetti Arte Contemporanea staged an important exhibition on this neglected female artist, REGINA. Futurismo, arte concreta e oltre, curated by Paolo Campiglio.

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Untitled composition, 1956-57
Untitled composition, 1955-56

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