JOE CESARE COLOMBO (Italian / 1930-1971)

Cesare Colombo was born in 1930. Always known as Joe Colombo (presumably after the American Mafia boss of that name), he studied at the fine art academies of Brera and Milan. In 1951 he joined the Movimento Nucleare, founded by Sergio d'Angelo and Enrico Baj. In the 1950s Joe Colombo was a member of MAC, the Movimento Arte Concreta. In 1962 Joe Colombo opened his own interior design and architecture studio, and for the remaining decade of his short life concentrated on developing his brilliantly innovative approach to the problems of space, function, and design in the modern home. Joe Colombo died of heart failure in 1971, on his 41st birthday. The following year saw the triumphant unveiling of his Total Furnishing Unit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. This astonishing design was a complete "living-machine" comprising kitchen, wardrobe, bathroom and bedroom on just 28 square metres.

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Untitled composition, 1955

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