JAN VAN BEERS (Belgian / 1852-1927)

The painter Jan van Beers was born in 1852, the son of the poet Jan van Beers the Elder. He studied at the Antwerp Academy, where he was the leader of a clique of promising young artists including Piet Verhaert, Alexander Struys, and Jef Lambeaux. In 1878 he moved to Paris to work in the studio of the Belgian painter Alfred Stevens. Unlike Stevens, Jan van Beers was uninfluenced by the turmoil of Impressionism, instead perfecting his own highly-detailed naturalistic style. So perfect was his mastery of fine detail that at the Brussels Salon of 1881 he was accused by critics of painting over photographs. Only when one of the paintings was vandalised was Jan van Beers able to prove beyond doubt that no photography was involved.

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