MARCUS BEHMER (German / 1879-1958)

The graphic artist and typographer Marcus Michael Douglas Behmer was born in Weimar in 1879. Behmer started his artistic career under the influence of Aubrey Beardsley, but soon broke free from Jugendstil to follow the lead of the Expressonists and the Wiener Werkstätte. Marcus Behmer is particularly known for etched bookplates, and etched illustrations to works such as Voltaire's Zadig (published by Paul Cassirer). Marcus Behmer is also remembered as a Gay Rights pioneer, a member from 1903 of the first openly gay group in the world, the circle of Adolf Brand in Berlin. In 1937, under the Nazis, Behmer was imprisoned for two years for homsexuality. Some of his art is noted for its explicit gay eroticism. Marcus Behmer met his lifelong friend Alexander Olbricht while both were studying in Weimar under Theodor Hagen.

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Alexander Olbricht, 1910

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