FRIEDRICH RITSCHEL (Austrian / 1901-?)

Friedrich Ritschel contributed several masterful Expressionist etchings to the Vienna art revue Die Graphischen Künste in the 1930s. He was born in Hochdobern bei Tetschen (now Dobrná bei Děčín in the Czech Republic) in 1901. He lived and worked in Leipzig. After an apprenticeship as a painter of ceramics, Friedrich Ritschel studied art at the Becker-Gundhahl School in Munich, before attending the Leipzig Academy. He studied etching under Alois Kolb. Much of his work - even his landscapes - has a mystical or religious flavour. What happened to Friedrich Ritschel after the rise of the Nazis is unclear, but he seems to vanish from art history at this point.

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Anbetung, 1933
Sommerlandschaft, 1930

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