BOB BONIES (Dutch / 1937-)

Bob Bonies was born in the Hague in 1937. He studied art in The Hague and Stockholm. His art is defined by a hard-edged minimalism, that looks back to Mondrian, Albers, and the group de Stijl as well as sideways to contemporaries such as Ellsworth Kelly and Olle Baertling (with whom he was closely associated in the 1960s). Bob Bonies has restricted himself to just four colours plus white: the primary colours red, yellow, and blue, and green as the complementary colour of red. The de Stijl motto "Less is more" is equally applicable to the pared-down yet perfectly balanced art of Bob Bonies. Our silkscreen by Bob Bonies dates from 1966, when was given a solo show at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, and also participated in the international group show Forms of Colours in Amsterdam, Berne, and Stuttgart, alongside Albers, Kelly, Donald Judd, William Turnbull, Georg-Karl Pfahler and others.

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