TAXILE DOAT (French / 1851-1939)

The innovative ceramicist Taxile Doat was born in Albi in 1851. Taxile Doat is especially known for his experiments with high-fired ceramics and glazes, recorded in his 1905 book Grand Feu Ceramics, which had a great influence of the studio potters of the twentieth century. Taxile Doat worked at the Manufacture nationale de Sèvres from 1877 to 1905, and also produced his own studio pottery in Sèvres in an organic Art Nouveau style that shows the influence of Japonisme. In 1909 Taxile Doat relocated to the USA, having been recruited to teach at the Art Academy and Porcelain Works at the ill-fated University City in St. Louis. Doat died in 1939/

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