EUGENE BLERY (French / 1805-1886)

The etcher Eugène Stanislas Alexandre Bléry is perhaps best-remembered today as the teacher of Charles Meryon. He was born in Fontainebleau in 1805. From the age of 22 to 25 he was employed as a mathematics tutor to the Montalivet family in Berry. There, he indulged his passion for drawing, and turned his sketches of the landscape into his first lithographs. In 1830 he resigned his post to dedicate himself to interpreting the French landscape in paintings, drawings, and etchings. The continuing patronage of the Montalivet family meant that he could find subscribers for his albums of landscape etchings, which show both a remarkable sensitivity and a painstaking attention to detail. Eugène Bléry was in the habit of printing his own editions. He destroyed about 82 of his copper plates, but 217 survived, and were donated to the Chalcographie du Louvre by his adopted daughter in 1911. Our etching by Eugène Bléry was printed from one of these plates in 1922 by Vernant for the art revue Byblis.

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