ALBERT FITCH BELLOWS (American / 1829-1883)

Albert Fitch Bellows was born in Milford, Massachusetts in 1829. Bellows first studied to be an architect, but abandoned architecture for painting. He studied at the New England School of Design in Boston, and then in Paris and at the Academy in Antwerp. He settled in New York, where he was elected a member of the National Academy of Design in 1861. Albert Fitch Bellows is regarded as a late member of the Hudson River School. Bellows and Samuel Colman were the only Hudson River painters also to practise the art of etching. Albert Bellows was a member of the New York Etching Club, the Philadelphia Society of Etchers, and the Royal Society of Painter-Etchers, being elected RE in 1881. As a painter, Albert Fitch Bellows worked in both oil and watercolour, maintaining two separate studios for the different media.

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Selected prints by ALBERT FITCH BELLOWS

Mill Pond at
Windsor, Connecticut, 1879
Telling the Bees, 1882
The Path, 1882

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