FREDERICK STUART CHURCH (American / 1842-1924)

Frederick Stuart Church was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 1842. After serving in the Union army in the American Civil War, Frederick Stuart Church decided to become an artist. He studied under Walter Shirlaw at the Chicago Academy of Design, and then at the National Academy of Design in New York under Lemuel Wilmarth. He was also closely involved with the Art Students' League, which was headed by Walter Shirlaw. F. S. Church is especially known for his depictions of animals. While often fanciful, these reflect many hours of close observation of the animals in the Central Park Zoo. Even his etching of that fabulous creature the mermaid benefits from Church's fascination with seahorses. The freshness of line in the etchings of Frederick Stuart Church belies the effort he put into them. Sylvester Rosa Koehler writes, "To those who know ho Mr. Church cancels plate after plate, takes out and puts in again parts here and parts there, the apparent freedom of his execution will appear all the more astonishing. But, alas, for the 'imperishable' character of his traits! The same spirit of restless dissatisfaction which dictates all these changes, has impelled the artist to 'finish' most of his plates with a hatchet, that is, to destroy them utterly in fits of despair, so that of many of them there only comparatively few impressions in existence."

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