JACQUES RIGAUD (French / 1681-1754)

Jacques Rigaud was born in Marseille in 1681. He engraved 141 plates, of which 122 were acquired by the Chalcographie du Louvre in 1848. Jacques Rigaud came from a family of engravers, and there has been some confusion in the past between them. Plates signed J.-B. Rigaud are by his nephew Jean-Baptiste Rigaud. Jacques Rigaud himself is sometimes erroneously referred to as Jean Rigaud (which was the name of Jean-Baptiste's father). Jacques Rigaud evidently travelled to England, where he made engravings of Hampton Court, St James Park, Greenwich Park, and Greenwich Hospital, but his most important series of engravings was his Les Maisons Royales de France. We have for sale a 1922 impression from one of these plates, one of the views of Chantilly (Chalco., no.3,124). This printing of 700 copies was made to accompany Pierre Gusman's article "Jacques Rigaud: Peintre-Graveur" in the art revue Byblis.

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Chantilli du coté du
Manege, c.1730

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