ANTONI CLAVE (Spanish / 1913-2005)

Antoni Clavé, one of the most prominent Catalan artists of the twentieth century, was born in Barcelona in 1913. He died in Saint Tropez in 2005, having been resident in France since 1939. He began printmaking with lithographs in 1940 in the atelier of Desjobert, his work at this stage still showing the influence of Bonnard and Vuillard. These influences were soon to be overtaken by that of Chaim Soutine, and in 1944 by that of Picasso, who became a lifelong friend. In the 1960s Clavé's printmaking was dominated by etching, and then carborundum. There was a Retrospective de l'oeuvre graphique d'Antoni Clavé (1958-1976) at the Bibliothèque municipale et École des Beaux-Arts, Mulhouse, in 1977, with a catalogue.

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Selected prints by ANTONI CLAVE

Pietà, 1951
Serigraph/silkscreen •SOLD
Io, vierge à cornes
de vache, 1950

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