GUIDO BIASI (Italian / 1933-1984)

The Italian painter Guido Biasi was born in Naples, and died in Paris, where he had lived since 1967. In 1958 Guido Biasi was one of the founders of Groupe 58, and of the associated revue Documento Sud. He exhibited at the 1960-1961 Surrealist exhibition in New York, at the 1965 Biennale de San Marin, and the 1967 Biennale de São Paolo. In Paris he exhibited at the Salons de la Jeune Peinture, Comparaisons, and de Mai. The expressionistic art of Guido Biasi, which can be linked to Art Brut and Art Informel as well as to Surrealism, is marked by a visionary quality.

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Untitled composition, 1967

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