JORGE CAMACHO (Cuban / 1934-)

Jorge Camacho was born in Havana, Cuba, in 1934. A self-taught painter, the young Jorge Camacho was strongly attracted to Surrealism, an affinity which was sealed by seeing the Cuban Surrealist, Wifredo Lam's exhibition at the University of Havana in 1955. Camacho had his first solo exhibition at the Cuban Gallery, Havana, in 1954. In 1960 he exhibited in Paris at the R. Cordier Gallery. The following year he met the André Breton, the leader of the Surrealist movement. For Jorge Camacho, "Surrealism is, without a doubt, the most important poetic creation of the twentieth century." He has lived and worked in Paris since 1975.

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Untitled composition, 1979

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