AGLAUS BOUVENNE (French / 1829-1904)

Aglaüs Bouvenne was a friend of Victor Hugo. In 1870 Aglaüs Bouvenne etched a bookplate for Hugo, then exiled in Guernsey, showing the towers of Notre Dame illuminated by a flash of lightning. Bouvenne also designed ex libris for Théophile Gautier and many others. Aglaüs Bouvenne was born in Paris in 1829. He was a pupil of the Barbizon artist Narcisse Diaz, and made his debut at the Salon de Paris in 1872. Bouvenne published a descriptive catalogue of the etchings of Charles Méryon, and catalogues of the work of Bonington, Lemud and Chasseriau. Aglaüs Bouvenne died in Levallois-Perret in 1903 (according to Bénézit) or 1904 (according to Sanchez & Seydoux).

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Tour Marchand ou
Montgomery, 1868

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