AUGUST BROMSE (Czech / 1873-1925)

August Brömse (1873-1925) was born in Frantiskovy Làzne, and died in Prague. Brömse studied in Prague and Berlin, where he came strongly under the influence of Max Klinger. This influence can be seen in our etching, which is part of August Brömse’s mordidly erotic 1902 series The Girl and Death, inspired by his sense of doomed love for the opera singer Elsa Schünemann. Brömse and Schünemann married in 1910, when August Brömse was head of the print studio at the Prague Academy. Our etching by August Brömse is known in English as An Old Song; it is reproduced as plate 258 in Otto M. Urban, In Morbid Colors: Art and the Idea of Decadence in the Bohemian Lands 1880-1914 (2006).

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Eine Todte (aka An
Old Song), 1902
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