ANN GILLMORE CARTER (English/Australian / 1900-1982)

Ann Gillmore Carter's artistic career has been obscured by two changes of name. Born in Bristol, she started out as Doris Carter, training under that name as an art teacher at Bristol Municipal Art School, and then studying from 1923-1928 at Central School of Art in Noel Rooke's pioneering wood engraving class, known as the Rookery. Almost as soon as she started publishing wood engravings, she adopted the name Ann Gillmore Carter for her art, reserving Doris Carter for her teaching. Two of our engravings, The Gardener and The Riders, were both exhibited at the 10th Annual Exhibition of the Society of Wood Engravers in 1929 under the name Ann Gillmore Carter; the previous year her entries has been credited to Doris Carter. In 1939 she emigrated to Australia, where she was known under her married name as Ann Gillmore Rees. In Australia, she was known especially for her work in textiles, both as a designer and as a teacher. Ann Gillmore Carter/Rees died in Bundoora, Victoria, in 1982.

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Selected prints by ANN GILLMORE CARTER

Southwark Bridge, 1930
Wood engraving
Boundary Road, St
John's Wood, 1930
Wood engraving
The Gardener, 1930
Wood engraving

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