EDWARD WILLIAM CHARLTON (English / 1859-1935)

The etcher Edward William Charlton R.E. was born in Kent in 1859. He first exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1892, and the last record we have found of him as an active artist is in 1928. E. W. Charlton was elected an associate of the Royal Society of Painter-Etchers in 1892, and a full member in 1907. Charlton's etchings were much admired, and were the subject of a substantial artice, "The Etchings of E. W. Charlton" in the The Studio in 1896. The anonymous author of this article writes, "In no department of the arts is personal technique more important that in etching. That Mr. Charlton possesses this quality, so that after seeing but a few of his etchings you can pick them out instantaneously without reference to the catalogue, would be in itself sufficient to repay their careful study." Many of Charlton's etchings are of marine subjects, rather in the manner of the Newlyn School. Our etching by E. W. Charlton, "The Old Harbour", was hand-printed from the plate for inclusion with the Studio article.

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The Old Harbour, 1896
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