VICTOR DELHEZ (Belgian / 1902-1985)

The graphic artist Victor Delhez was born in Antwerp. He studied at the University of Leuven as an agronomist. At the same time he was developing his artistic interests, attending classes in the graphic arts at the Akademie voor Schone Kunsten in Antwerp and exhibiting collages and drawings in the Surrealist style. Working as a manager in his family's car business, Victor Delhez was also mixing in artistic circles, notably with the Lumière group that included Frans Masereel, Joris Minne, Frans and Jozef Cantré, and Henri van Straeten. Following the death of his parents in a car crash in 1925, Victor Delhez emigrated to South America. From 1926-1933 he lived in Buenos Aires, working as a draughtsman, architect, and contractor. From 1933-1940 he lived in Bolivia, where he produced his series of illustrations to the Gospels and to Lord Dunsany's A Dreamer's Tales. In 1940 he returned to Argentina, taking a post as professor in the Academy of Fine Arts, National University of Cuyo. Victor Delhez is remembered especially for his wood engravings and linocuts.

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Selected prints by VICTOR DELHEZ

Grand ange, 1950
Wood engraving
Sed non satiata, 1950
Wood engraving
Le mauvais moine, 1950
Wood engraving

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