PAUL M. CEDERDORFF (Danish / 1938-)

The Danish painter, sculptor, and graphic artist Paul M. Cederdorff was born in 1938. In his childhood and youth he was influenced by the artists Knud E. Skou and Jens Jørgen Thorsen, who were frequent visitors to his home. At the age of fourteen Cederdorff enrolled in Poul Rytter's art school in Holstebro. Paul M. Cederdorff subsequently attended various art schools, including the Art Academy in Copenhagen and the School of Applied Arts in Zurich. Paul M. Cederdorff was involved in many international exhibitions, in the course of which he met and was influence by such artists as Henry Moore, Alberto Giacometti, and Constantin Brancusi. Another strong influence on his work was the prehistoric rock carvings of Norway and Sweden.

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Fra digtsamlingen
"Plirøjede stjerner", 1973

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