ARCHIBALD BAJORAT (German / 1923-)

The German painter and graphic artist Archibald Bajorat was born in 1923. In 1946 he started as a designer in a graphic studio, while continuing his studies at a private art school. In 1948 he went to the school of applied art in Braunschweig to study painting and graphics, graduating in 1953. Archibald Bajorat is best-known for his woodcuts, both individual prints and book illustrations. Some of his most interesting woodcuts were inspired by his travels in East Africa and India.

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Selected prints by ARCHIBALD BAJORAT

Lemminkäinen raubt
Kyllikki (aus der
Kalevala), 1972
Wood engraving
Indischer Abend, 1970
Wood engraving

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