FRANK-IVO VAN DAMME (Belgian / 1932-)

Frank-Ivo van Damme was born in Merksem near Antwerp. He studied at the Royal Art Academy in Antwerp under Jos Hendricx and Mark F. Severin. The female nude is his favourite motif. Frank-Ivo van Damme taught at a technical school in Antwerp, and was director of a school of draughtsmanship in his home town. He created our linocuts in 1971 for the revue International Grafic. Shortly before this he was honored as Laureate of the Plantin Society in Antwerp, an honour only give to three artists within the previous twenty years. Frank-Ivo van Damme is one of the most famous and prolific designers of ex libris of the twentieth century, having created around 1,000 engraved bookplates. Frank-Ivo van Damme has said, "Work is meditation. I become one with the block of wood in front of me. I form an intimate bond with this material. I lose every sense of time. Engraving is part of my life."

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Selected prints by FRANK-IVO VAN DAMME

Untitled, 1971
Science fiction
fanclub (SFAN), 1975
Wood engraving
g Annemie & Staf
Haubourdin-Wells, 1972
Wood engraving

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