UGO CLEIS (Swiss / 1903-1976)

The Swiss wood engraver Ugo Cleis was born in Diepflingen. He trained as a painter, and studied from 1921-1923 at the school of applied and decorative art and theatre painting in Dresden, where he also taught from 1925-1927. Ugo Cleis was among the founders of Xylon, the International Association of Wood Engravers. Ugo Cleis had a retrospective exhibition, Ugo Cleis, oeuvre gravé, at the Musée d'art et d'histoire, Fribourg, in 1978.

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Selected prints by UGO CLEIS

Schriftstock, 1970
Wood engraving
Ligornetto, 1970
Wood engraving
Frühling, 1970
Wood engraving

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