MENCI CLEMENS CRNCIC (Croatian / 1865-1930)

One of the most important figures in the development of modern art in Croatia, Menci Clemens Crnčić was born in Bruck na Muri (now Bruck an de Mer, Austria), and died in Zagreb. Crnčić studied in Vienna and Munich, and became professor of etching at the Vienna Academy. In 1903, together with Bela Ciko-Sesija, he set up the first private art school in Zagreb. This was to become the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts. Menci Clemens Crnčić is best known for landscapes and seascapes. His name is sometimes given as Menci Clement Crnčić.

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Selected prints by MENCI CLEMENS CRNCIC

Am Ufer, 1897
Grosse Wäsche, 1896

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