MAURICE ASSELIN (French / 1882-1947)

The painter and printmaker Maurice Asselin was born in Orléans. He studied in the atelier of Fernand Cormon at the Beaux-Arts, Paris. Asselin exhibited from 1906 with the Salon des Indédendants, the Salon d'Automne, and the Salon des Tuileries, as well as many solo shows in Paris and elsewhere (for instance Asselin had exhibitions in London in 1915 and 1919). Cormon's teaching was academic and old-fashioned, and Maurice Asselin drew his inspiration instead from the work of the Impressionists, which he discovered in the Musée du Luxembourg. He was especially influenced by Monet and Cézanne. Asselin remained true to these early influences, and disengaged from later art movements such as Cubism and Abstraction. The high point of his career was the 1920s, in which decade three monographs were devoted to his work; Maurice Asselin by Francis Carco, Asselin, peintre et lithographe by R. Escholier, and Maurice Asselin by René-Jean. As a printmaker, Asselin produced etchings, drypoints, and lithographs.

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