ANDRE ROUVEYRE (French / 1879-1962)

André Rouveyre was both a writer and an artist, somewhat in the manner of a French Wyndham Lewis, and like Lewis, Rouveyre's Expressionist art could be both bold and brutal. Despite this streak of cruelty in his work (especially in the satirical portraits he published in the Mercure de France), André Rouveyre was a man notable for the high quality of his friendships. His two closest kindred spirits were the poet Guillaume Apollinaire and the painter Henri Matisse. In his poem "The Little Car", about the outbreak of WWI, Apollinaire recalls, "On August 31 1914/I left Deauville a little before midnight/In Rouveyre's little car/Counting his chauffeur there were three of us/We said goodbye to a whole era". Our photo shows Apollinaire and Rouveyre in Paris on 1 August, 1914. As for Matisse, he and Rouveyre met in the atelier of Gustave Moreau in 1896, when both were students at the Beaux-Arts, Paris. Though André Rouveyre was, like Apollinaire, a noted promoter of modern art, espousing the cause of artists such as Picasso, Braque, and Matisse when they were unfashionable, he and Matisse were not closely associated until chance brought them together in 1941. From 1941 to 1954 they met frequently and corresponded almost daily; a total of 1200 letters between the two men were published in 2001. Matisse also made a number of portraits of Rouveyre, who had earlier been the subject of a notable portrait by Amedeo Modigliani. André Rouveyre's literary friendships included a close association with the reclusive Symbolist author Remy de Gourmont. We have original woodcuts and lithographs by Rouveyre, and also masterly wood engravings after his drawings by Pierre-Eugène Vibert, made for Rouveyre's 1909 publication Le Gynecée. These must be the most ferocious drawings of the female form since Goya, only surpassed in recent times by Tomi Ungerer

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Selected prints by ANDRE ROUVEYRE

Le Gynecée LVIII, 1909
Wood engraving
Le Gynecée XXXXVIII, 1909
Wood engraving
Le Gynecée XIX, 1909
Wood engraving

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