LYUBEN DIMANOV (Bulgarian / 1933-)

The printmaker, painter, and muralist Lyuben Petrov Dimanov was born in Knezha in 1933. His name is also sometimes spelled Liuben or Ljuben or Luben Dimanov. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia, graduating in 1959. Lyuben Dimanov represented Bulgaria as a printmaker at the 1961 Paris Biennale. Dimanov had his first solo show in his hometown of Knezha in 1972; this was followed by others in Sofia, Stockholm, London, Paris, Zurich, Lyons, Oslo, Luxembourg, Copenhagen, Vienna, and elsewhere. In 2005 Lyuben Dimanov had a major retrospective at the Sofia Art Gallery. Since 1976 Dimanov has lived and worked in Paris.

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Selected prints by LYUBEN DIMANOV

Orphée, 1981
Phaéthon, 1981

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