ALAIN BONNEFOIT (French / 1937-)

Alain Bonnefoit was born in Montmartre. He studied at the École des Arts Appliqués and the École des Beaux-Arts, Paris, before entering the École des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, to study engraving and sculpture. Alain Bonnefoit then became a student and friend of the sculptor Volti, whose influence can be seen in Bonnefoit's devotion to the female nude as his primary inspiration. Since 1953 Alain Bonnefoit has exhibited widely, in France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, the USA, Tahiti, Korea, and Japan. Japan, which Bonnefoit first visited in 1973, has been particularly important to him, and Bonnefoit has made himself a master of the free-flowing sumi-e style of drawing. In 2007 there were retrospectives of the art of Alain Bonnefoit in the Marino Marini Museum, Florence, and in museums in Korea and Germany.

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La Vagabonde, 1991
Chanson tendre, 1991

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