YVES BRAYER (French / 1907-1990)

Yves Brayer is regarded as one of the most important French artists of the twentieth century. Although he made his first engravings in 1925, Brayer did not come to lithography until after World War II. The Musée Yves Brayer is situated in Provence, at Les Baux. Provence and the Camargue feature largely in Yves Brayer's art, though he also worked in Italy, Spain, and Morocco. Our prints are lithographs of Venice inspired by Alfred de Musset’s poem “Venise la rouge”. See: Jacques Guignard, Catalogue Raisonnée de l’Oeuvre Gravé et Lithographique d’Yves Brayer, 1970; Armand Lanoux, Yves Brayer, 1977; Bouret, Brayer: Graveur, 1977l Jean-Robert Delahart Yves Brayer, 1985; Jean Giono & Yves Dentan, Yves Brayer, 1990.

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Selected prints by YVES BRAYER

Mexique sur ta peau, 1968
Venise la Rouge 16, 1939
Venise la Rouge 15, 1939

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