HENRI REGNAULT (French / 1843-1871)

Henri Alexandre Georges Regnault, also known as Henry Regnault, was killed during the siege of Paris in 1871, cutting short a brilliant artistic career. Regnault had studied at the École des Beaux-Arts, and in 1866 won the grand prix de Rome. After two years in Rome he travelled first to Spain and then to Morocco, where the intensity of colour infused itself into his art. There was a retrospective of his work at the musée municipal de Saint-Cloud in 1991-92. We also have an etching by N. Martinez of the bronze bust of Regnault commissioned in his memory by the École des Beaux-Arts from the sculptor Charles Degeorge, and an etched portrait of Henri Regnault by Saro Cucinotta.

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Selected prints by HENRI REGNAULT

Types de paysans des
environs de Valence, 1876
Wood engraving
Valet de Torero, 1876

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