THEODORE CHASSERIAU (French / 1819-1856)

Théodore Chasseriau was born in Sainte-Barbe de Samana in Saint-Domingue, now the Dominican Republic, to a French father and Creole mother, making him one of several prominent figures in the French cultural life of his day to be noticeably part-Black (another was Alexandre Dumas). Chasseriau's parents returned to Paris in 1822, but emigrated to American in 1829, after which Théodore, who remained behind, was raised by his brother. At the age of 11, Théodore Chasseriau entered the atelier of Ingres, who became a great influence and friend. Nevertheless, as Chasseriau matured his art became more romantic in conception, and closer to the grandiloquence of Delacroix than to the more austere classicism of Ingres.

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Nymphe endormie, 1898

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