ARMAND GUILLAUMIN – Une marine à Charenton, 1873
Sheet size: 285 x 200 mm
Image size: 45 x 75 mm
Edition: Size of edition unknown; scarce – Unsigned
Original etching by Armand Guillaumin. This is one of 12 original Impressionist etchings by Armand Guillaumin published in the artistic and literary journal Paris à l'eau-forte in 1873 and 1874. These are to our knowledge the first published prints in the fully-developed Impressionist style, and also the first chance the general public had to embrace or reject the new aesthetic; the first Impressionist Exhibition, in which Guillaumin took part, was not until the following April. The etching was printed by Delatre on thin China paper which was then pasted onto a page of Paris à l'eau forte. This backing sheet has yellowed slightly, not affecting the print. There is text above and on the reverse. Unfortunately this print has some faint offsetting in the sky from type on the facing page. Reproduced in Budde, Vom Spiel der Farbe: Armand Guillaumin, ein vergessener Impressionist, p.339. Ref: D7h. Condition: See description.