CAMILLE JEAN-BAPTISTE COROT – La Moussière: effet du matin, 1899
Sheet size: 220 x 300 mm
Image size: 120 x 165 mm
Edition: Size of edition unknown; scarce – Unsigned
Original engraving by Théophile Narcisse Chauvel (1831-1910) after a painting by Camille Jean-Baptiste Corot. If Corot had called this painting Impression: La Mouissière, perhaps the name Impressionism would have been coined earlier. This engraving by Chauvel is printed by Porcabeuf on wove paper, and published by the Revue de l'art ancien et modern. There are printed credits below to the painter, engraver, title, printer and publisher. A piece of coloured paper on the reverse of the sheet, giving instructions to binders as to where to place this engraving in bound copies of the Revue, has left a darkened patch on the reverse. This can only be seen from the front when the sheet is held up to the light, and would be invisible when framed. Condition: Excellent, see description.